Philological Department

Philological Department is responsible for teaching foreign languages, Russian language and literature, and journalism.

Russian language and literature are very popular majors among foreign students. Philological Department attracts the majority of international students at the whole university. Besides degree courses international students participate in summer and winter camp programs, learning Russian language.

The Amur State University is оn the list of educational institutions, authorized to perform Russian Language Certification Testing. The examination is held by teaching staff of the Russian Language Chair, who were instructed at the Moscow State University (MSU, Moscow) and given relevant certificates. Types of testing: 1. Russian Language Certification Testing for getting Russian citizenship. 2. Russian Language Certification Testing of different levels (Elementary level, Basic level, First Certification level, The 2nd Level Certificate, The 3rd Level Certificate, The 4th Level Certificate). 3. Russian Language Certification Testing for migrant workers.