AmSU students have completed their studies at the Summer Engineering School of Harbin Polytechnic University

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Students of the Engineering and Physics Department, the active participants of the Student Design Bureau "Rocket Science" successfully completed an internship at the summer school of Harbin Polytechnic University. For three weeks, Dana Novgorodskaya and Ruslan Botirov, under the guidance of Vitaly Neshchimenko, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, studied Advanced Materials and Structures in Space Vehicles.

During their studies at the school, young engineers attended a course of lectures by foreign scientists on continuum mechanics, hydrodynamics, mathematical methods for calculating the influence of liquid media on metal structures, resistance of materials, vibration modeling in structures based on metals and plastics.

Additionally, AmSU students worked in a project group together with their peers from other countries to solve a practical problem — creation of a composite structure (lattice truss bridge) based on nylon. The task was successfully solved: first, the composite structure was designed, its strength calculations were carried out in the Solidworks and Ansys software packages, and then printed on a 3D printer. Experimental evaluation of strain in this structure under vibrational effects confirmed that the resulting composite structure meets high standards for use in aerospace engineering.

Demonstration tours of the Space Museum of Harbin Polytechnic University and the Science and Technology Museum of Heilongjiang Province were also conducted for all participants of the school.