AmSU students successfully launched a rocket model in Taicang (China)

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Students of Amur State University have successfully designed and launched a rocket model in China. The launch took place on July 20-21, during the final days of the International Summer Space School BRAIA. It should be reminded that it was attended by the Department of Engineering and Physics students of AmSU from among the active participants of the student design bureau "Rocket Engineering": Alexander Anoikin, Vladislav Ostafurov and Sofia Kudak.

The launch site was the sports arena of the Northwestern Polytechnic University in Taicang. All participants of the school were divided into 14 project groups, but not all teams were able to successfully launch their flight prototypes of rockets.

Thanks to the careful and precise assembly, as well as the use of stabilizers of a complex semi-elliptical shape, the launch of the rocket of the AmSU student team turned out to be one of the best in terms of the maximum flight altitude achieved.

A master class on rocket model assembly for the participants of the school was held by representatives of the rocket club of the Northwestern Polytechnic University. This student association was founded in 2015 by Dr. Li Yi, University Professor, Executive Director of the Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Suzhou. The club supports the project activities of young rocket science enthusiasts.

At this meeting, an agreement on cooperation was reached between the students of the rocket clubs of AmSU and NWPU. In addition, personally from Professor Li Yi, the team of the AmSU rocket club received an invitation to take part in an international workshop on rocket modeling. It will be held in 2024 in the city of Xi'an.

Participation in the BRAIA Summer Space School also gave AmSU students the opportunity to visit a number of high-tech aviation and automotive companies in Jiangsu Province. In addition, the students attended lectures by Chinese and foreign professors on several areas of aerospace engineering research: thermal convection, kinetic modeling of thermochemical conversion of solid fuels, high-entropy alloys, modeling of chemical combustion reactions in liquid and solid rocket fuels, satellite design and other topics.