AmSU will organize an Oroqen expedition to China

News and events

The Department of Foreign Languages of AmSU will hold educational and linguistic events during the Oroqen expedition to China. On August 17, the project team and its participants will travel to Da Hinggan Ling Prefecture (Tahe County).

The expedition group will include leading researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctors and Candidates of Philological Sciences, honored teachers of Yakutia, representatives of the Evenki youth and schoolchildren. Their goal will be to study the language and culture of the small Tungusic peoples of northeast China.

— The trip is timed to coincide with the Oroqen August holidays. The expedition will take place in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Oroqens' of China sedentary life. In 1953, national Oroqen settlements were founded along the right bank of the Amur River. The Oroqen nomads switched to a sedentary lifestyle, changing the traditional way of life from hunting to farming and livestock raising. Olga Morozova, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages at AmSU, researcher at the Laboratory of Experimental Phonetic Research at AmSU said that in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Oroqen settlement, national holidays with concerts, festivals and fireworks are held in Heilongjiang Province.

The partners of the Oroqen expedition are the Scientific Society of the Oroqens of Heilongjiang Province, Chairman Mo Shaohua (Heihe, China), the administration of the Tahe County (Da Hinggan Ling Prefecture, China).

The expedition will end on August 21.