Participants of the AmSU Rocket Modeling Club took 5th place at the All-Russian competition "Kármán line"

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On July 25-30, students of the Department of Engineering and Physics of AmSU took part in the All-Russian competition of experiments in space and the stratosphere "Kármán line" («Линия Кармана»). Dana Novgorodskaya, Ilya Makarenko and Karina Lavrenova from the School of "Launching and Technical Rocket Complexes" – participants of the AmSU Rocket Modeling club - decided to apply their skills to the rocket hackathon.

They had to construct a model of the rocket from the available materials and complete the assigned tasks. For example, the students had to ensure the operation of the rescue system, the output of the payload and much more. The cheaper it was to create the model and the more missions the team completed, the higher they could rise in the final ranking.

In 5 days, AmSU students designed, built and launched a model of a carrier rocket for payload output in conditions of a limited amount of time and resources. The model was called "Zvezda". It was built from materials that the students worked with for the first time. Despite this, the rocket successfully deployed the payload and made a soft landing. The result of participation in the hackathon for our students was the 5th place.