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Russian student teams celebrate their holiday on February, 17. This is a good occasion to learn how the Amur State University student teams live and work. They include about 130 people now; these are young people who are ready to spend their summer on a large-scale construction site, appreciate the romanticism of the railway and are ready to work with children in health improvement camps.

The first student team was formed at the Amur State University in 2014. It was the pedagogical team "Alternativa". Young people from this team over the years of its existence have been working in children's health improvement camps of the Amur region and Primorsky krai. In 2021, the team, now consisting of 27 people, worked at the camp "Belye Gory" and the camp named after Lisa Chaikina during summer working period. The effectiveness of their work was officially acknowledged and "Alternativa" became the team of the year.

"Vector" can probably be considered the most "space-oriented" team of the AmSU. It includes 21 people, mainly students of Engineering and Physics Department. The students of this team have been helping to build the Vostochny Cosmodrome for many years and the last year was not the exception. Besides, young people participated in the construction of the multifunctional supply ship "Zvezda" and OTSP "Kuril Islands".

Members of “Rubin” construction team, consisting entirely of students who specialize in power engineering, had also a chance to work at Vostochny and Zvezda. Last year the students went to another significant construction site in the region – the Amur Gas Processing Plant.

In fact, young people from AmSU work on construction sites not only as part of university teams. In 2021, our students joined the “Altair” team. During the winter working semester, they were employed at the interregional student construction site "Sukhodol" in Primorsky krai, and then spent summer at the "Vostochny".

The university also has its own team of guides, "Primus". It was organized in 2019. Now the team includes 30 people. In the last summer working semester, young people worked at the Tynda railway car station, a structural subdivision of AO Far Eastern Branch of the Federal Passenger Company. Team leader Anton Fedorov was acknowledged as the Commander of the Year 2021.

Some AmSU teams remain stable and work on the same construction sites from year to year, while others change. Thus, the construction team "Quazar" underwent transformations last year, the staff completely changed, and the team itself was renamed into "Sterkh". Now 26 students of the Energy Department are preparing for the upcoming working season.

The beginning of year 2022 for the headquarters of the student teams of AmSU became interesting and exciting. Now another team is being formed at the university, a fishing team named "Kraken". 10 people have already joined it, but recruitment is still ongoing.

If you want to become a part of the student team of AmSU, feel free to message on WhatsApp at +7 914 612-66-42 or to direct @amsu.rso.