The stage of field research of the peoples of the Russian-Chinese borderlands has ended

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From August 16 to August 26, employees of the Frontier Research Laboratory conducted field research on the territory of Northeastern China in the area of compact residence of the peoples of the Manchu-Tungus Group. The purpose of the expedition was to study the history and current state of cultural traditions, ethnic identity of peoples living in close interaction with the Chinese and Russian environment.

The route of the expedition ran through the settlements of the north-eastern part of the Da Hinggan Range. The expedition resulted in more than 30 hours of audio and video recordings, hundreds of photographic documents, folklore, ethnographic and archaeological data. Some of the materials were obtained in the taiga, in places of worship. The results of the expedition significantly enriched the funds of the AmSU Science Museum. They will become the basis of new scientific publications, candidate's and master's theses of young scientists of AmSU.

The results of the field research stage make a significant contribution to the implementation of the strategic project "Russia and China: Dialogue of Cultures – the foundation of the Future" («Россия и Китай: диалог культур – фундамент будущего»), which is part of the "Priority 2030" («Приоритет 2030») program.