1. Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU)
2. Euroasian universities association (EAU)
3. N.E.W.S. (joint non-government organization of universities and colleges from Europe and East Asia)
4. Association of the Universities of the Russian Far East and Siberia and North-Eastern Regions of China

The Euroasian Universities Association (EUA) was established as the Universities Association of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) at the Constituent Congress in 1989, on the initiative of Lomonosov Moscow State University, supported by the twenty largest universities of the USSR. In 1992 the Association was reorganized into the EUA.

Today the EUA is the reputable international organization of universities which includes the national universities of the whole Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), leading regional universities and higher educational institutions of the Eurasian region.

Currently the EUA unites 139 universities of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

The Association Congress is its highest governance body.  Thirteen Association Congresses took place since its inception. They were held in Moscow, Kiev, Baku, Ashkhabad, Kazan, Minsk, Saint Petersburg and Astana.

  • 1989– I Constituent congress, Moscow
  • 1990– II congress, Kiev
  • 1991– III congress, Baku
  • 1992– IV congress, Moscow
  • 1993– V congress, Ashgabat
  • 1995– VI congress, Kazan
  • 1997– VII congress, Moscow
  • 1999– VIII congress, Minsk
  • 2002– IX congress, Kiev
  • 2007– X congress, Moscow
  • 2009– XI congress, Astana
  • 2011– XII congress, Moscow
  • 2015– XIII congress, Saint Petersburg

At the congresses of the EUA there were discussed  questions related to the development of national education, issues of preserving common educational environment and ensuring equivalence of universities’ diplomas, development of cooperation among the universities, members of the EUA in the field of education and academic research, basic learning methods of improvement in higher school education.

The Council and Executive Committee perform EUA management in between of congresses.

Cooperation with youth and universities labour associations is one of the EUA key areas of activity. The EUA founded the Student’s association of the CIS universities and the Eurasian association of the universities’ trade-union organizations. Both of them regularly hold their congresses and activities which are aimed at strengthening of their ties. There are centers established for certain lines of cooperation among the CIS universities within the Association.

The EUA is accredited at the inter-parliamentary assembly of the CIS countries and the Council on Collaboration in Education of the CIS countries. The EUA interacts with other universities’ international organizations. Association conducts its activity through numerous conferences, forums, interuniversity cooperation.

The EUA is the founder and organizer of international research and practice conferences “Universities and society”, which have earned a great reputation among university community and gained wide international recognition. More than thousand of professors and lecturers of universities across the CIS and from other countries, and representatives of international organizations participated in the conferences. The high level and the authority of the conferences are acknowledged by the greetings sent by the leaders of the CIS countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.

The EUA took the lead in deepening the humanitarian collaboration among the CIS countries. Victor Antonovich Sadovnichy, the EUA President and academician of the Russian Academy of Science, is the co-chairman of the “Forum of creative and scientific intellectuals of the CIS states”. Multi-author books and works were published further to the discussions and studies of the EUA universities.

Since 2009 the EUA has began issuing a series of the monographs “Eurasian universities in XXI century”. Presentation of the first monograph “About Education. Eurasian region” took place during the XI of the EUA congress in Astana. It was dedicated to the main area of our interaction, and also 20th anniversary of the EUA. The second edition of the monograph “About scientific studies and schools. Eurasian region” was published to the opening of the III international research and practice conference “Universities and society”.

The EUA is a unique public organization in the Eurasian region. During all 20 years of its operations the EUA has been aimed at implementation of the eurasianism ideas in the sphere of education and science, maintenance and development of common educational environment and humanitarian collaboration, learning of international practices on reformation of higher education under specific conditions of new states’ establishment in the former Soviet union. Exchange of experience, fruitful discussions among universities based on the principles of respect for the experience of each other became the important factor of further development of education and science in the Eurasian region and worldwide.

In September 2012, during the 10th Forum of Rectors of the Universities of the Russian Far East and Siberia and North-Eastern regions of China in Changchun (China) the Association of the Universities of the Russian Far East and Siberia and North-Eastern Regions of China was established. The Association establishment was agreed and approved by the Ministry for Education and Science of Russia and the Ministry for Education of China.

The Association objectives are:

  • expanding cooperation and integration forms in scientific, educational and cultural spheres;
  • experience exchange, coordination and collaboration in the field of academic and research activities of the universities of Russian Far East and Siberia and North-Eastern provinces of China;
  • promotion of the students and faculty members academic exchange.