Russian Government Scholarships

Russian Government Scholarships

15000 government grants for foreign students are given in Russia annually.

What government grants include

The grant provides you free study on the chosen specialty for the entire period of education. Also, if you need to improve knowledge of Russian, the grant covers education at preparatory department.

In addition, monthly payment and a place in the student residence is provided. In 2016 the payment constituted 1300 rubles ($21).

Not everybody knows that foreign students are also able to receive additional payments from the government. For additional information you need to apply to an embassy of your own country in Russia.

Who may receive a Grant

All candidates who finished secondary school or vocational school (school, technical school, lyceum, etc.) and successfully passed competitive selection in their own country can receive a grant.

What government grant does not cover

Government grant does not cover transfer to a university, living expenses, health insurance, multiple visa and registration documents upon arrival.

Step 1. Register on and choose a suitable program

We have more than 14000 educational programs offered on our website in all fields of study. These are more than 500 Russian universities.


Стрелка вправо: On the main page choose a gatefold “EDUCATION IN RUSSIA”        HOW TO APPLY

Press «SEARCH FOR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS», choose specialization that fits you and 1 from up to 6 universities, in which you would like to study. The more universities you choose, the more chance you have of being selected.

If you want to study at the Amur State University, tick your educational background (bachelor’s, master’s or PhD) and city of Blagoveshchensk. There will be educational programs on the right hand, which are offered in the Amur State University and other universities in Blagoveshchensk. Choose a program you want to master. Pay your attention to free tuition, i.e. government scholarship and choose only these programs.


After choosing a program and a university take an option YOUR CHOICE on the top of the page and then take an option PROCEED TO APPLICATION.


Step 2. Fill in a profile and a university application on your personal account

Press "Edit" button on your personal account, and fill all gaps of profile. Don't forget to attach your photo, a copy of your passport and your degree certificate. Write us your phone number so our employees can contact you!

Edit the application, pointing the form of study and education level which you want to receive in Russia.

Russian is an only language at most universities. If you aren't confident in the level of Russian, sign in for preparatory department. For this purpose be sure to tick the 27th point in the application.

After filling in all gaps in your application press the REGISTER button. 


Step 3. Pass a competitive selection

If you want to receive a quota (grant) to study in Russia for free, you will need to pass competitive selection in your own country. For this purpose, press the "Submit Application" button and contact the Russian center of science and culture or the Embassy of Russia in your country to find out the terms and conditions of the competitive selection. You will be registered as a participant of competitive selection and informed about the next selection procedure.

The first competitive stage will take place in your country. For this purpose, it is necessary to contact the Russian center of science and culture (RCSC). If there is no RCSC in your country, it is necessary to contact the Embassy of the Russian Federation.


The second stage concludes selection of suitable candidates by Russian universities. The results of competitive selection will be open after consideration of all submitted applications by higher education institutions.

If you want to be granted a scholarship to study at the Amur State University, place AmSU first in a list of chosen universities.

Where and what is the format of selection events

The selection always takes place on the basis of RCSC or the Russian Embassy.

How to find out the results of competitive selection

You will be informed about the results in 1-2 months after passing the competitive selection in your own country and the selection process by the chosen higher education institutions in Russia. Whether you have not managed successfully pass the competitive selection, you can submit the application for studying on a contract and enter the Russian university on a paid basis. For this purpose, send the request for the contract, which is saved on your personal account on Creating a new application is not necessary.

Step 4. Get a student visa and come to Russia!

Most of foreign students need an international passport and a student visa to study in Russia

Who doesn’t need Russian visa?

Students from the Republic of South Ossetia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Republic of Uzbekistan don’t need student visa; international passport is sufficient.

Student visa is issued in an embassy (consular department) or Russian consulate in your country.

At first you have to receive a visa invitation:

  • If you apply for study on a contract basis, the university will prepare the invitation and will send you a copy via email.
  • If you received a quota place (a government scholarship) the invitation will be prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. You will be able to check your invitation status here: (the service is provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia).
After receiving an invitation via email or status notification, you will need to collect a document package and address to the Embassy of Russian Federation (consulate department).